Has it been difficult observing your salat at the right time at work? Or you have not been motivated to even try because you want to avoid weird stares or offensive questions?
If this is you, unfortunately, you are not alone in feeling this. With the recent happenings around the world that are framing Muslims in a negative light, this has affected Muslims everywhere. This negative feeling is spilling into the workplace and causing friction for whoever dares bring up salat in the office. But even with that, we have to remember that our priority is Allah, pleasing him and following His commandments which includes praying our salat at the appropriate time.

This is why I have compiled these tips that will make praying salat easy for you at work.

1. Pack your own mosque for salat

A lot of us don’t work in a setting where the mosque is within a walking distance. This is not to say you can’t appeal to your boss to allow you to use a corner of your office when it is prayer time. Although, realistically you won’t be allowed to leave your mat at the corner permanently which is why you should get those small portable prayer mats that will always be in your bag. They don’t take up space and prevent you from making excuses when it is time for prayer.

portable prayer mat for salat at work

2. Wear wudhu-friendly clothe for salat to work

A lot of times, our workplace may allow us to pray salat at the appropriate time but because of our dressing, we get discouraged, which is why to be motivated, wear wudhu-friendly clothes. Examples are clothes that have zips at the sleeves, maxi dresses, tops with a loose fit. To get wudhu friendly clothes, check out our website, the majority of our clothes at Nufaesah are wudhu-friendly, stylish and modest.

However, if the dress code at work doesn’t allow those types of clothes, make sure you always pack your abaya or khimar for when you want to pray.


3. Use your breaks for observing salat

A good way to shut down complaints of using working hours for prayer is to pray during your break (although it should be closer to salat time). In addition, to get the accurate salat time, you can use apps like Muslim pro to estimate the time of salat at your location and your Qibla.

However, there may be situations where your break cannot meet salat time, not to worry, as long as you observe salat when you get breaks and prevent them from piling up, Allah SWT is the most understanding and will accept your prayers.

4. Make colleague friends that will help you

Lastly, we often don’t realize the impact our friends have on us. For me, at my first job, I had colleagues that were both Muslim and Christian and they were all my friends.  But when it was time for salat, my Muslim friend didn’t call or inform me we had a mosque close by that could be of benefit for salat. For the duration of my time there, I didn’t observe salat at the appropriate time.

On the other hand, when I left my former job for a new job, the first friend I made was a Muslim who took me to the mosque on the day I resumed work, calls me when she is going to the mosque and even invites me for Islamic lectures. I can say that Alhamdulillah, meeting her has made me observe my daily prayers at the appropriate time.

I hope these tips are useful. Also, I do know we all don’t have the best workplace or boss but always pray to Allah to change the minds and remove the negative feelings your bosses and colleagues may harbor towards you.

May Allah make it easy for all of us, and accept our efforts as an act of worship. As Salam Alaikum.

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